Wonderful caricature of intimacy

It's these inferior motels On the corner of 4th Street Appealing and just as unappealing Catholics would cross themselves upon entering Oh what a wonderful caricature be of intimacy Tonight's tenants are a lawyer and a virgin  Accessorizing with rosary Tucked inside her lingerie She's getting a job at the firm on Monday And Mrs.... Continue Reading →

Traveler’s Tales| Homosexual Mermaids

Mermaids are definitely real. They have a strong relation with current social events. Patriarchy in the earlier society didn't allow women to go fight a war. Hence, several navy officer's were denied of the much needed sexual pleasure.  Due to their immoral and unethical character, they started capturing young maidens of the sea for these unholy... Continue Reading →

Traveler’s Tales| Unicorns and Elephants

Unicorns are definitely real. What people don't know is that they live on clouds. When they dance, it rains; when the sing, they form rainbows (it's not because of their farts. God knows how that started) However in recent years, increasing is traffic is decreasing their population. Airplanes, rockets, missiles and whatnot. Nowadays, they rely... Continue Reading →

Blogger Recognition Award

HEYHELLOHI Before I start this insanely cringe-worthy post, I have a small request to make. Pls. don't curse or express your anger towards the heavens. I don't think anyone up there appreciates it. The rules: 1.Thank the blogger(s)  who nominated you and provide a link to their blog Thank you Ebe for nominating me! Everyone... Continue Reading →


Maybe the moon is actually a he not a she who was once in love with a girl who used to wish upon his light Maybe the oceans search for her in every cove, on every shore, calling for her, trying too look farther and farther with every rising wave Maybe the wolves search for... Continue Reading →

Liar, liar

This, this, and this are posts I don't like. People tell me they're inspirational and whatever but the truth is that I wrote them because I had to not because that's what I believe in. Who says we're diamonds? Are diamonds even worth anything? To me, they're just pieces of broken glass. No one really knows... Continue Reading →

An occult of infernal souls

The witches at the stakes were daughters of something more holy than you could ever handle You set them alight for being different, forgetting that even the son of your God was once condemned for being too beautiful, too pure for this world Fire does not eat fire When you burned the witches you thought... Continue Reading →

We are

We have moonlighting our bones And rubies in our veins Sunshine in our hearts And iron in our brains Ninety-three percent stardust With souls made of flames We're all just diamonds That have people names ~Neha

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