Liar, liar

This, this, and this are posts I don't like. People tell me they're inspirational and whatever but the truth is that I wrote them because I had to not because that's what I believe in. Who says we're diamonds? Are diamonds even worth anything? To me, they're just pieces of broken glass. No one really knows... Continue Reading →

An occult of infernal souls

The witches at the stakes were daughters of something more holy than you could ever handle You set them alight for being different, forgetting that even the son of your God was once condemned for being too beautiful, too pure for this world Fire does not eat fire When you burned the witches you thought... Continue Reading →

We are

We have moonlighting our bones And rubies in our veins Sunshine in our hearts And iron in our brains Ninety-three percent stardust With souls made of flames We're all just diamonds That have people names ~Neha


"Truth! Truth! Truth!" Crieth the Lord of the Abyss of Hallucinations ~Aleister Crowley, Book of Lies

Love made of stardust

"What is your fascination with the stars?" He asked, slightly mocking the way she kept glancing up at the clear night sky "I don't know" she sighed "I guess I just find them beautiful" But beautiful didn't even begin to cover the feeling in her heart whenever the looked at the stars. It couldn't describe... Continue Reading →

Cheers to a New Year

Dear who I was, You made it through another year. And you're more alive than ever. You met Loss, got drunk with Greif and slept with Sadness. Last year didn't have the best beginning but you went on. Everyday you woke up with more hope than the previous day, with more faith in the next... Continue Reading →

They say

They say, "Yes, you will suffer" But they don't say, "You will also experience the deepest of joys. Every morning you will wake up with hope that this day will be better than the previous." They say, " The sun you worship so dearly today will burn your hopes for tomorrow" But they don't say,... Continue Reading →

Think again

You want me to illuminate you? To be a dark backdrop in front of which you shine? You want people to say Oh, isn't he so terribly brave to love a girl whose so obviously sad. Think again. I'll swallow you up whole.

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