Wish list

  1. Learn Horse riding
  2. Visit the secret beach in Mexico
  3. Visit Scotland
  4. Learn how to play the violin
  5. Explore a new city alone
  6. Visit Van Gogh’s museum in Amsterdam (and take as many sunflowers as possible)
  7. Visit Bhutan
  8. Write a historical fiction-fantasy novel
  9. Celebrate new year in a country then travel to another country and celebrate it again
  10. Learn calligraphy
  11. Meet Panic! at the Disco
  12. Meet the cast of Sherlock
  14. Meet the cast of Stranger things and Riverdale
  16. Meet J.K. Rowling
  17. Go skydiving
  18. Go to Malta university for international law ( or at least visit the country)
  19. Travelling with just my friends and me
  20. Send a present to a soldier
  21. Go Scuba Diving
  22. Attend a masquerade
  23. Go on a carnival date
  24. Go on a stargazing date
  25. Meet Dan and Phil
  26. Find a four leaf clover
  27. See the northern lights
  28. Dance in the rain
  29. Play Holi in North India
  30. Be part of a flash mob

To be continued


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