It seems like for some unfathomable reason you have taken interest in me and would like to know more about me. Well then there’s not much to say really.

I like writing. I really like writing. Like like like writing.Like a cliche YA novel, however, I’m not particularly confident of my abilities, but I don’t really care

There’s not much else to say really. I like daisies. My favorite color is black. I’m the literal definition of basic tumblr fangirl. The hardest question I’ve ever had to answer is what my favorite book was. I consider myself a rebel although the most I’ve ever done is skip a class and rip a song of YouTube. I try super hard to post relevant stuff here, but I’m not sure how well that goes. I want to be a lawyer, but again I’m not sure I have the skills. I’m pretty much just an average girl, living an average life, trying to be extraordinary.  Again, a lot of my rants here are me trying to put my existential crises and panic into words. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Actually anything is welcome. Feel free to share your thoughts with me. I’d love to talk to you all. You can always mail me at 8autumnrose8@gmail.com.

See ya,









































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