The Literary Catalogue|B for Beauty

B for Beauty

i’m a myth

i don’t have a form

sometimes people change me

into what they desire,

but this isn’t me

i’m a myth

          i have no boundaries

          i could represent the fascinating night sky,

          or the snow capped mountains

          the color of your lover’s chocolaty eyes,

          or the sun rays on a bright morning

          i have no boundaries

i have no religion

you may believe in One

or you may believe in none

or you may believe in thousands

truth is,

i have no religion

          i have no form

          you could take up three seats on a bus,

          or not even fill one

          cover up your skin completely

           or show of as you please

           i have no form

i am no one,

yet I am everyone

but most importantly,

i am you




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