13 reasons why you shouldn’t kill yourself

  1. So you probably think no one cares enough about you and they won’t miss you if you’re gone. But what about the stuff you’ll miss? Remember that sequel you’re waiting for comes out next week? The movie comes out within a year! Oh look there’s the sunset you’ve been waiting for! Hey you’re favourite band is visiting your city next month!!
  2. Nothing is permanent. How much ever pain you’re in, it will pass. Trouble in high school? Wait a few years and restart in collage. Trouble in collage? You’ll have a chance later. Most of the time you’ll probably never meet the ones who made it hell
  3. Maybe people think you’re worthless. They thing you’re going to be a no one who just somehow makes it through life. Killing yourself will just prove them right. Make a mark. Ace life of at least try to your complete effort. Don’t give them a chance to laugh and say “I told you so” Prove them wrong
  4. You aren’t stuck in the same place forever. The world is big. Start again. Go to a different pace. If you can’t move immediately, start planning. Hope and belief can go a long long way
  5. Your family deserves to know. How much ever you believe that they’d do better without you remember that a woman once cared enough to nurse you and bring you in this world. They will always care for you.
  6. What is a better world like? You must have heard of so many people standing for their rights in various ways. Even if there is a lot not going well, just know that there will always be someone standing up for it.
  7. What are you attached to? I like the rain. I like books. I like feeling the wind on my face. I like laughing with my friends. I love looking at the sky. I want to go on a road trip with a group of friends. I want to adopt at least 2 dogs and a cat. Nobody can stop me from doing these things.
  8. You can build new relationships everyday. Future colleague, best friend, girl/boy friend, children, dogs
  9. You are so much stronger. Giving up isn’t in your nature. You have so much power. Literally nothing is stopping you from walking out of that door and hugging every dog you see. You could just walk up to your crush and kiss tell them. The power and urge inexplicable. There’s just so much in there. Don’t throw it away. Death is final. There are no more chances given
  10. You can learn something new everyday. New language, new instrument, new style of art. You need not know why you’re there. Just channelize the energy correctly. It can never go to waste
  11. Music can save you.Don’t underestimate it
  12. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t listen to what people say. People who speak behind other’s backs generally do so because they’re insecure or jealous. Learn who you are and who you want to be. Work towards it. Clean up the mess
  13. Inhale.Hold your breath. Exhale.

Look guys 13rw is an amazing show and all but if you have a history of suicidal thoughts or self harm don’t watch it until you’re ready. It’s really really graphic and although warnings have been given you need to be careful. I know a girl who was going through a bad phase when she read the book. Hannah Baker’s reasons had her convinced to end her life. Luckily she got through that

So talk to someone. If you aren’t comfortable with that write about it or record yourself. Let it out. Don’t let the pressure get to you. Okay?


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