Traveler’s Tales|Instructions to save you

They say looks are deceptive, and this cannot be truer for anyone other than me. You see, I may look like a fifteen year old girl but I’m not a fifteen year old girl . I mean, fifteen is a rather tragic age to be stuck on if you’re immortal. You’ve got the worst of both world. Neither a kid nor an adult although I can say my experience far exceeds anyone else’s.
Anyhow. I’ve seen the Roman empire being built. I legit shook hands with Hercules (great guy. A tad arrogant but actually great) I’ve witnessed memes from grumpy cat and before to send noods.

I think I’m wandering of the point here

See what I’m trying too say is although I’ve seen so so much, I’ve realized that there are a few things that never ever ever change. Walking for example. Walking through the woods. Now, how much ever you trust your oh so great scientific mind that denies the existence of certain creature, you know they exist. The air we’re breathing right now is actually a dangerous drug and the world you see around you is just what the government wants you to believe. What they call “drugs” show us glimpses of the actual world. That’s why they’re illegal.

Yeah so walking in the woods. They’re a few instructions you must follow, and I cannot stress his enough. Whatever day or age you read this is, the following instructions could save your life.

  1. Never turn around and check behind you. You’ll see nothing, but once you do it you will not be able to  shake off the ominous feeling until you lock your door behind you.
  2. If you stand very still you’ll here the forest calling out your name. Don’t answer it. Never answer.
  3. You’ll hear things following you, hidden in trees. Don’t worry about them. They’re just checking in on you
  4. Don’t be scared, but be really, really wary
  5. If you have a bad feeling about a path, don’t take it. You might avoid whatever is waiting at its end
  6. You never know what’s buried under the soil you’re walking on. With every step you take, pray that it doesn’t wake up
  7. If you bring a weapon, name it at the beginning of the journey. Otherwise, it will turn against you when you most need it
  8. Make sure you remember your way back home. If you’re lost, you’re another piece of fresh meat.
  9. If you feel like something or someone has followed you into your house, make sure you check. Look under the bed, inside the cupboard, behind the doors. Just make sure you don’t look up. They don’t like to be seen





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