Traveler’s Tales| The girl with golden wings

She was snatched away from the castle. “Saved by a brave prince” they said. Snatched away from the dragons who faithfully watched over her. She kicked and screamed and sobbed and pleaded, just to return back to the only place she knew to be home.

Court life stifled her made her want to scream until she had no energy left to fight. She fled to the gardens, running barefoot through flowerpots and fountains. The soldiers found her sobbing uncontrollably, silk dresses torn and caked with mud.

She dreamt of flying, flames and smoke , longing for the nights she could sleep with warm scales as her pillow and knowing nothing would harm her as long as her dragons stood guard.She kept and armor coat made of scales on her all the time and dreamt of Mother’s sapphire-blue scales and her brother’s fiery red ones, knowing that they were the only source of comfort and happiness in her suffocating life. However, they remained dreams and those dreams belonged to a girl she could no longer be

Then, a new knight appears in the castle she’s grown to loath, swearing his allegiance not to the prince she hated or the woman who called herself her mother, but to her.

And when his eyes met her’s she recognized a fiery gaze she’s only seen in herself, and for the first time in months she laughed

She would recognize her dragon anywhere.

They sneaked upwards, through the castle walls longing for freedom. As young as her brother was, his form couldn’t last past dawn; the plan was for her to ride on his shoulder’s towards home, as dawn took away his human form.
They were caught by a knight halfway through, and she slashed his throat with her stolen knife. Not fast enough though, not fast enough. His yells alerted had alerted the castle

The warriors bring them to the bay of the parapet just as the sun begins to cross the horizon. Her brother is left with no choice but to jump off and turn back into his true form, hovering, just out of bow shot and desperately calling for her.

She cannot reach him, but she refuses to be captured again

Her eyes lock with her brothers as her armor begins turning gold in the morning light. With a desperate plea to the heavens, she jumps off the tower. Her mind flashes back to a lesson taught by her mother “A dragon may change shape if the need is great”
Her mother had named her a dragon at heart

Her roar splits the air as her armor begins to grow into scales the color of the morning sun, and her wings cut air like butter. The golden dragon joins her brother in the air crying with joy as the humans gape at them flying towards the mountains with wings almost touching.

From that day forth, the armor coat became her dragon-skin when she wore it. When she removed it (and she did so rarely), she turned back into the woman she had been born as.
The scales all stayed golden, even when she removed it, except for two pieces that rested directly over her heart. One a gorgeous sapphire-blue and another a deep fiery red; for no matter how you changed you shape, your true family stays closest to your heart

A/N I know this is slightly different from the rest of them, but I love it way too much. I might write a detailed version of her relationship with the dragons later on.


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