Traveler’s Tales| Homosexual Mermaids

Mermaids are definitely real. They have a strong relation with current social events. Patriarchy in the earlier society didn’t allow women to go fight a war. Hence, several navy officer’s were denied of the much needed sexual pleasure.  Due to their immoral and unethical character, they started capturing young maidens of the sea for these unholy acts (Don’t ask me how. As far as I’ve researched, mermaids don’t have vaginas but hey, they told me the story themselves) Anyways, the population of mermaids soon grew. As soon  as one of them showed signs of pregnancy (HOW?), they were thrown back into the sea.

As a result, the growing generation of mermaids and mermen, grew hostile of human males. This bitterness soon grew towards all men and the mermen and them started living  living separately, only appearing for the sacred process of continuing the species. I mean, they don’t really seem to mind. They keep to themselves, sitting on rocks, writing poetry and occasionally flirting with the Moon (who is definitely male).

And the mermaids? Well their anger grew, and grew. They started charming men to come closer to them and soon killed them with their nails (Excellent manicure stations down there. Trust me, I’ve seen) Anyways, due to the danger, human males stopped venturing in those areas and the mermaids had to find a new hobby. Unfortunately, due to lack of mermen, all these young women were sexually frustrated. As eons passed, young mermaids grew up believing merman were a myth.You see, several of them were gay and rarely appeared for reproduction. Similarly, these young mermaids grew up lesbian.

Unlike humans, homosexuality was more prominent than heterosexuality in the underwater community.

However, a few straight ones were present in both groups too and surprisingly, they weren’t shunned. In fact, they were needed to reproduce and continue the species.

travellers tales.jpg3                                                                                               travellers tales.jpg2


  • Although mermaids were mercilessly raped, they gave the humans they captured a much more respectful and quick death
  • They may have stayed away from the mermen, but they never disrespected them, despite the hate for their their gender
  • The accepted all kinds of sexualities and all communities


  • Mermaids are more humane than humans (ironic I know)
  • They’re absolute babes and utterly badass




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