Traveler’s Tales| Unicorns and Elephants

Unicorns are definitely real. What people don’t know is that they live on clouds. When they dance, it rains; when the sing, they form rainbows (it’s not because of their farts. God knows how that started)

However in recent years, increasing is traffic is decreasing their population. Airplanes, rockets, missiles and whatnot. Nowadays, they rely on a few friends to warn them of incoming dangers. Birds cannot convey the message all the time, so the job is left to the elephants.

For those of you who don’t know, elephants used to fly. Their ears were often faster than wings, and their long legs helped hem cover long distances. Them and the unicorns were and are really good friends. However their friendship turned into something more fun and they form Pegasi. This act angered the nature and the elephants were banished to the earth for an eternity. Now they trumpet towards the heavens, only to warn their lovers of the incoming danger.

The Pegasi are relatively decent creatures. The reside on the Himalayas, but have an excellent sense of humor. Sometimes, when they’ve had too much to drink, they dance. They don’t know that they’re the reason for avalanches.




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