The Girl who dropped the Seeds

in my old town there lived a girl,

who dropped seeds wherever she went

while others carved their name upon

patches of wet cement


and in that little town

they mocked her and mocked her

said she’d never leave a mark

if all she left behind were falling leaves and bark


so I went back o the little town

and wondered if they did too,

because I’d love too see their face

when they see what I’ve seen


that the little streets where we played,

drowned beneath a sea of green;

the names they’d scratched into the sidewalk

weren’t as permanent as they had seemed


would they ever tell the girl that they’re sorry,

if they ever got the choice

for not knowing that the ones worth hearing,

may not be the ones with the loudest voice


and that sometimes the ones who change the world,

are  the ones we least expect







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  1. Hey! Thanks for liking my post! This is one of your posts I really like and I choose to comment here. Lol. Well, I’d just like to say that your blog is reallyy really good and I just love love your theme. I find myself browsing through your page now and then.

    P.s Is it cool if we could be friends? šŸ˜‰ Just asking.

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