Maybe the moon is actually a he not a she who was once in love with a girl who used to wish upon his light Maybe the oceans search for her in every cove, on every shore, calling for her, trying too look farther and farther with every rising wave Maybe the wolves search for... Continue Reading →


The Girl who dropped the Seeds

A/N : Not  original. Credits to owner in my old town there lived a girl, who dropped seeds wherever she went while others carved their name upon patches of wet cement and in that little town they mocked her and mocked her said she'd never leave a mark if all she left behind were falling... Continue Reading →

An occult of infernal souls

The witches at the stakes were daughters of something more holy than you could ever handle You set them alight for being different, forgetting that even the son of your God was once condemned for being too beautiful, too pure for this world Fire does not eat fire When you burned the witches you thought... Continue Reading →

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