Love made of stardust

“What is your fascination with the stars?” He asked, slightly mocking the way she kept glancing up at the clear night sky

“I don’t know” she sighed “I guess I just find them beautiful”

But beautiful didn’t even begin to cover the feeling in her heart whenever the looked at the stars. It couldn’t describe the dizziness in her head,the smile on her lips.

A boy had once told her that her eyes shone brighter than any star in the sky. It had been tacky. It wasn’t even a genuine compliment, but it was enough to make her blush. He’d laughed and she’d punched his arm. It seemed like the only suitable thing to do at the moment, to diffuse the tension between them whenever they looked at each other. But the heat from her cheeks were long gone, replaced by the cold, winter wind.

“Do you know how you look at them?” He asked. His voice brought her back to the present. It is his time now. She told herself sternly. She wasn’t being fair. This wasn’t the time to be nostalgic. The Boy was long gone.

“How do I look at them?” She asked. 

He smiled and slipped his hand in hers. They were warm and welcoming. 

“You look at them as if they’re whispering secrets to you. Like they’d disappear if you turned away. Like someone you loved put them up in the sky especially for you”

She closed her eyes to stop the flow tears. She felt at home again. Under the stars with someone who meant the world to her. On day she knew she would tell him the story of The Boy who once compared her to the stars. The Boy who was now part of them, looking down at her everyday. The Boy who she still whispered secrets to and fell asleep watching the ghost of his smile in the curve of the moon.


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