Cheers to a New Year

Dear who I was,

You made it through another year. And you’re more alive than ever. You met Loss, got drunk with Greif and slept with Sadness. Last year didn’t have the best beginning but you went on. Everyday you woke up with more hope than the previous day, with more faith in the next day, and that is how you shall continue. You’ve met new people, some who had a positive impact and some who didn’t but in the end, they’ve all helped you become a better person.

Here’s to a better year: Write down your ideas, your thoughts. Interact with more people. Form new relationships and maintain them. Get past all the meme shitposting. Call those friends you lost contact with. Attempt to clean your room(and maintain that too) and whatever you do, don’t give up. Every day will be better than the previous.You learnt that this year.Remember that faliure isn’t permanent and karmic justice actually exists (you saw too)

Here’s to another year of hope and love

Happy 2017


Who I’ve become 



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