They say

They say, “Yes, you will suffer”

But they don’t say, “You will also experience the deepest of joys. Every morning you will wake up with hope that this day will be better than the previous.”

They say, ” The sun you worship so dearly today will burn your hopes for tomorrow”

But they don’t say, “That the same sun would also fuel such a fiery passion in your heart that nothing will stop you from going beyond it, beyond the sun up higher in the sky, to such great faraway places that tiny earthly matters would seem insignificant”

They say, “Beware the unknown darkness of the night”

But they don’t say, “If you lift your head up high in the same darkness, it’s where you’ll find the diamonds of the sky”

And they should say that. “Yes, you will suffer. But you will be happy beyond your wildest dreams and that will make every second of suffering worth it” They should say that because it’s the balance we need. And it is the balance that makes us slowly and softly human.

(Merry Christmas!! Its been a long time hasn’t it? I missed this place A LOT. Comment below!!)


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