The recipe of me tag

Soo recently I was tagged by Leo of Hades Vibes for the recipe of me tag


1. Tag the creator: Trish from cakes and poetry. Hey you.I don’t think we’ve met. Thanks for the wonderful tag.

2. Tag five people, which I shall be doing

3. Recite the Iliad backwards from memory

4. Give a method that you feel is the recipe of you

The recipe of me

1. Get a bowl. Make sure it isn’t breakable.

2. Add a spoonful of “accident prone” wait oops you just tipped over the the entire jar.

3. Add some hypocrisy and a little bit of paranoia. Maybe a dash of social anxiety.

4. Equal amount of optimism and pessimism.

5. Attempt to add a “sense of humor” but oh wait you just spilt it on the floor

6. Essence of a book lover. A little more than the usual requirement.

7. Some basic Tumblr fangirl requirements

8. Maybe add some paradox syrup. Some intelligence would be nice too but it appears like Einstein stole my share.

9. At this point I’d ask you to preheat the oven but who cares I’m already flipping hotttt.

10. Eat me up before the world can witness the embarrassment I have become.

That seems about it. I’m going to tag-

1. Lila

2. casuallydisastrous

3. Artsygrl777

4. Misstery blog

5. Chaotic Caramels


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