Think again

You want me to illuminate you? To be a dark backdrop in front of which you shine? You want people to say Oh, isn't he so terribly brave to love a girl whose so obviously sad. Think again. I'll swallow you up whole.


The recipe of me tag

Soo recently I was tagged by Leo of Hades Vibes for the recipe of me tag Rules 1. Tag the creator: Trish from cakes and poetry. Hey you.I don't think we've met. Thanks for the wonderful tag. 2. Tag five people, which I shall be doing 3. Recite the Iliad backwards from memory 4. Give... Continue Reading →

Secret gardens aren’t always beautiful

Step 1: Temptation Her fingertips grazed the stone wall of the garden as she slowly pushed the iron gate open and stepped inside. The air around her was still except for the occasional sound of twigs snapping underneath her feet. Curiosity filled her as she wandered deeper and deeper into the unknown. The snakes slithering... Continue Reading →

Chin up and rise

Tell them your beautiful name. Tell them your gender. Tell them your religion. Wear your colour with pride. Love whoever you want, however you want and please don't forget to love yourself, because you really, really deserve it. ***

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