Age 6

Blue is the color of freedom. The color of the sky when he goes out to play. The color of his mum’s eyes. The color of the walls of his room. The color of the water he spent most of his time swimming in.

Age 16

Blue is the color of love. The color of the flowers he buys her. The color of her dress on their first date. The color of his guitar. The color which inspired several songs.

Age 20

Blue is the color of realization. The color of his eyes. The color of fear when he needs to tell everyone. The color of relief when she supports him throughout. The color of sadness when his father shuns him, yet the color of joy when he agrees to go out with him

Age 25

Blue is the colour of excitement and change. The color of the gemstone on the proposal ring. The color of the decorations in the hall. The color of his suit and his eyes. The color of his mother’s watery blue eyes when his father finally accepted the truth. The color of her dress when she decided that a best man is too mainstream for her best friend.

Age 30

Blue is the color of happiness. The color of the orphanage they adopt a girl from. The color he sees in her smile when she decides that having two dads is better than having no dad. The color of her room. The color of the water she loves swimming in and ironically the color she drowns in.

Age 40

Blue is the color of loneliness. The color which reminds him of his daughter’s fate. The color  his eyes when he signed the divorce papers. The color he saw everywhere.

Age 60

Blue was again the color of freedom. The last color he saw before he was freed from his misery. The color of monitors in his room which beeped as if counting down to his last moments. The color of sadness and regret he saw in his eyes when he came to visit. The color of the flowers she brought him. The color reminding him of his daughter who he would finally be meeting. The last color he ever saw before the everlasting darkness.



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