Once upon a time

In a kingdom by the flote,

There rul’d a king

And his queen Mary

And when they thought, ’twas their happily ev’r after,

There was a turn in destiny and lief came a disaster

The queen had given birth to Hael and Airielle,

But weakness overcame her and she fell unwell

Although the king pray’d and pray’d f’r his wife,

Alas, the queen part’d with her life

Left high-lone with the duties of his kingdom,

The king lief began to fathom,

He didn’t hast time f’r his daughters,

And he couldn’t just leave them as paupers

After a lot of thought

The king finally bought

F’r the princesses a nanny

Who car’d f’r them like their granny

She f’d them her blood every night,

And gave them the power to fight

F’r she was an angel in disguise

She helped the princesses to rise

One tragic day thither was a fire in the king’s tower,

He perished, and his daughters rose to power

The angel couldn’t stay longer either,

Her power vanish’d and she began to wither

And with the angel far away,

The princesses couldn’t wait another day,

Both want’d to take ov’r the kingdom

And rid the other one of their freedom

The hurlyburly last’d f’r days and nights,

But neither of them won the fight

At last with nay choice left to face

Both of them decid’d to raze, each other

But they weren’t support’d by earth mother

She inurn’d them deep in her

F’r them the ordinary was a blur

She finally let them out at a cost

she took all their powers and they became ghosts.




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