3 days, 3 quotes #3 (finally)

Okay let’s finish this

“If people were rain, I’d be a drizzle and she’d be a hurricane”

This quote is from Looking for Alaska by John Green and if you haven’t read his books you’re a disappointment to humanity. I can’t begin with how much I love this quote. Excuse me while I go re-read this book and drown in my own tears. I’ll be reviewing it soon.

Okay so that’s there and done. This was quote a journey hehe








(I’m sorry. That was bad)

I’ll see you guys later



2 thoughts on “3 days, 3 quotes #3 (finally)

Add yours

  1. AAAHH! It makes me joyous to see this!! So, I ain’t at ALL a disapointment to humanity/ mankind or whatever, cuz I just absolutely LOVE LOVE this book!! It’s one of the BEST books, only with the possible exception of “”The Fault In Our Stars”” ❤ ❤ <3.

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