Weeping Angels

If you listened carefully You could hear the angels weeping The demons laughed as they knew The secrets they were keeping The angels had been cast out Forever turned to stone But who knew their minds held Demons if their own ***


Time To Get Back

Every time I see someone off from an airport or train station, I think of what if it were the last time I ever got to see them? Not because something would happen to me causing problems but because something might happen to them. You never know, hijack or bomb blast or a simple gunshot.... Continue Reading →

Raven Castle

It was a castle dipped in blue, Midnight blue. The walls were around sixty feet high and covered in vines and creepers. In front of them were two iron gates, both the gates were the same mystic blue. There were two stone gargoyles by the gates. In the fading light of the day, the gargoyles... Continue Reading →


Once upon a time In a kingdom by the flote, There rul’d a king And his queen Mary And when they thought, ’twas their happily ev’r after, There was a turn in destiny and lief came a disaster The queen had given birth to Hael and Airielle, But weakness overcame her and she fell unwell... Continue Reading →

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