The one who makes you happy

Someday you will find someone for you. Maybe not the way you imagined them to be, buy they’d still be the one you love.
You might want someone with bright blue eyes. Blue like the summee sky and like the deep ocean of mysteries. They, however would have brown eyes. Brown and soft like melted chocolate. Brown like the color of coffee you love.

And these are the eyes you will love more.

You might want someone who takes you out on a romantic candlelight dinner and then walks with you on a beach under the moonlight. They, however will wake you up at three in the morning and take you to a dingy little icecream parlor on the other side of the town because you were craving some before dinner.

They would be the one you love more. What you may have wanted may not be important anymore because you’ll be worth someone who makes you happy.

And that’s what’s important




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