Scattered Thoughts 

It’s two in be afternoon and my thoughts are scattered.
I think of the birds flying outside my window as I try to pay attention to the history lesson.I think of them soaring high above the clouds without a care in the world.I think of them singing their songs of care and peace as they perch on trees.I think of that one leaf that just fell of the tree. I think of it floating lightly toward the ground as it gently lands on the lake, forming ripples. I think of the tiny circles formed by the water and how they gradually disappeared. I think of everything and nothing.

But I don’t think of you

I don’t think of your laughter, loud and hearty as it always filled the air. I don’t think of the way you smile, with one corner of your mouth tugging up before the other. I don’t think of your strong arms as they went around me and made me feel safe. I don’t think of how soft your lips felt on mine or of how we fit together. And I certainly didn’t think of the same arms around her waist and those same lips on hers. I don’t think of the tears streaming down my face and I don’t think of how much they resemble the raindrops of my window right now.

I think of everything and I think of nothing, but I don’t think if you and I don’t think I ever will.




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