The Literary Catalogue|B for Beauty

B for Beauty i'm a myth i don't have a form sometimes people change me into what they desire, but this isn't me i'm a myth           i have no boundaries           i could represent the fascinating night sky,           or the snow capped mountains         ... Continue Reading →

The Literary Catalogue|A for Abandoned

A for Abandoned i'm never the best but never actually the worst good enough to be used for some time and then forgotten you'd associate me with horror and solitude with trepidation and desolation truth is i'm all haunted by the past lost in the present anxious about the future i'm alone Neha 

Quite Contrary

They name her Mary when she is born. Mary means bitter. Her mother is plain and unlovely. She knows what the ugliness means. Ugliness is a mirror image of beauty Mary’s first word- a year old, from a face to puffy, eyes too far apart yet too close and a curious hooked nose- is "please", and... Continue Reading →

Wonderful caricature of intimacy

It's these inferior motels On the corner of 4th Street Appealing and just as unappealing Catholics would cross themselves upon entering Oh what a wonderful caricature be of intimacy Tonight's tenants are a lawyer and a virgin  Accessorizing with rosary Tucked inside her lingerie She's getting a job at the firm on Monday And Mrs.... Continue Reading →

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