The Mystery Blogger Award!

What was the original purpose of my blog because sometimes I feel like I lost track along the way. Hey guys guess what...ANOTHER TAG!! Thing is I'm not even going to apologize for these anymore, I love tags so thank you(!!) thatgirl4ever for this one. It would be lovely if y'all could go check her... Continue Reading →


Painless Poetry

They said, from pain comes poetry For someone who hadn't experienced pain, was what she wrote still called poetry? Maybe pain is a little stereotyped death of a loved one betrayal of a lover No To her poetry was only the dragons in her fairy tales the castle in her dreams the stars on her... Continue Reading →

Liebster award

Thank you so much The Girl with Ironwings for this nomination! Y'all better go check out her beautiful blog, she's one of the sweetest people I've met here :') Apparent rules for this award: Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog. Display the award on your blog by including... Continue Reading →

The Literary Catalogue|A for Abandoned

A for Abandoned i'm never the best but never actually the worst good enough to be used for some time and then forgotten you'd associate me with horror and solitude with trepidation and desolation truth is i'm all haunted by the past lost in the present anxious about the future i'm alone Neha 

Quite Contrary

They name her Mary when she is born. Mary means bitter. Her mother is plain and unlovely. She knows what the ugliness means. Ugliness is a mirror image of beauty Mary’s first word- a year old, from a face to puffy, eyes too far apart yet too close and a curious hooked nose- is "please", and... Continue Reading →

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