When fear arrives

When fear arrives, something bad is about to happen. Mostly he could tell. Butterflies in the stomach before an important exam. Sweaty palms. Tension in a room with an angry person. It’s always something he could mentally prepare for. But not this time. The sky is bright today. It’s the first time it hasn’t rained... Continue Reading →


Protected: The Revolution

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Life Update

Hey guys So I feel kind of guilty about hardly ever posting here and tbh I miss the feeling of checking my blog from time to time so here's an obligatory life update post. 1. I'm so so bored all the time it's not even funny. Lifting my head to make eye contact with the... Continue Reading →

The Star

The little boy was a dreamer and his dreams told him to reach for the stars. If he missed them, he would grab a handful of clouds. But where he was, there weren’t any clouds at all. Just a dull grey sky with a star hanging low. The Star. It still seemed as it was... Continue Reading →

A teeny tiny Dragon tale

The dragon was a familiar sight at the marketplace. Its size no larger than the thumb of the youngest man, the fire in its breath no more than a spark. Yet its fierceness surprised those all around him. His eyes were always cautious and his claws were always clutching his beloved treasure – a single... Continue Reading →


So here's a chain story I wrote for a school project with a friend. I feel like I owe y'all something for my irregular posting. (Also Ebe would have punched me if I delayed any longer ) Sorry for the the detached paragraphs and un-descriptive-ness. I wish I had time to edit this and make... Continue Reading →

The Mystery Blogger Award!

What was the original purpose of my blog because sometimes I feel like I lost track along the way. Hey guys guess what...ANOTHER TAG!! Thing is I'm not even going to apologize for these anymore, I love tags so thank you(!!) thatgirl4ever for this one. It would be lovely if y'all could go check her... Continue Reading →

Painless Poetry

They said, from pain comes poetry For someone who hadn't experienced pain, was what she wrote still called poetry? Maybe pain is a little stereotyped death of a loved one betrayal of a lover No To her poetry was only the dragons in her fairy tales the castle in her dreams the stars on her... Continue Reading →

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